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Secret Garden

Finally new album is coming. This album is a collection of guitar pieces inspired by the scenery, changing seasons, and city of lights that I saw from the window of my private studio during the pandemic. Unable to go on a tour as I had been doing in the past, I had to stay inside to create, and this became a process of continually looking into my own heart, asking myself questions, and searching for some kind of answer. In the end, I am proud to say that I was able to capture in this album, not a strong light, but a certain hope, and time of the transience. Hope this album will become a "secret garden" for you.

Secret Garden

CD : March 29th 2023 out , Digital August 9th 2023

WDM-007, 3,000JPY(CD, without tax)

Track List

01 Secret Garden  02 Mayflower  03 Open Mind  04 窓辺の陽  05 Wishtree  06 Interlude - Tide   07 Moon Shade  08 Haru  09 Summer Scene  10 Stella  11 First Light

Music by Satoshi Gogo, Produced by Satoshi Gogo, 

Recorded and Mixed by Yuichi Fujitsuka, at CSE Recording Studio in October 2022, January 2022, February 2023

Mastered by Ryuichi Tanaka at Warner Mastering Studio in February 2023

Artwork by Reika Ohara

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